The technology company providing holistic solutions for mobile operators

We provide the strategy and the technology to get you where you need to go. We are your trusted partner from start to finish, providing fully customizable solutions to deliver on your brand promise.

The way you Mobile, Engage, Video Stream, Content Create, Accelerate, Operate, Partner Matterz.
  1. Identify

    your unique offering.
  2. Customize

    Mobile Matterz solutions to support your goals.
  3. Accelerate

    your time to market.
  4. Engage

    your customer.
  5. Maintain

    your competitive edge.


Our suite of products and services enable our clients to offer exceptional brand experiences for their customers.

Functionality built for mobile, ready-to-go, right out of the box.


Make it your own, target your niche with the ability to customize every application to adhere to your unique brand specifications.

How it Works

Built mobile-first, tailored to you. Everything you need to delight and retain customers is in the box. And if we don’t already have it, we can build it.

Fully customizable solution
from A to Z

    • Engagement

    • Promote your products, services, content.
    • Manage your users’ experiences and provide targeted incentives and value-adds.
    • Analyze behaviors, preferences and trends.
    • Commerce

    • Digital payment and billing systems.
    • Product catalog and database.
    • Customer care; online and in-store.
    • Video

    • Cloud-based and easy to implement content platform.
    • Monetize subscription-based content immediately.
    • Hot features: Spanish & English stations, social sharing, VR.
    • Health Apps

    • Affordable healthcare from a mobile device.
    • Live consults with doctors, video chats and visits in app.
    • Available in multiple languages.
    • Ad Tech

    • Ready-made ad sales platform.
    • Build your own ad inventory.
    • Non-intrusive video and/or digital ads for customers.
    • Strategy

    • Go-to-market positioning and campaign creation.
    • Market research competitive analysis, data and analytics.
    • Product testing,
      ad revenue experimenting, A/B testing & more.

Mobile Matterz is your partner

We don’t just offer a platform and wish you luck in your business. We partner and align with you to best meet your business needs and goals. We work directly with our clients to grow a healthy, sustainable business adding value anywhere, anytime it is needed.


Many mobile companies concentrate on bundles and devices. We think it’s time to focus on what we can do with mobile and what we can accomplish by connecting with others. Our approach to solving problems through direct interaction and social engagement has the power to impact the quality of life for wireless customers across the globe.

The Mobile Matterz Mission

To be an advocate for our clients and offer customized products and services that are built mobile-first.

Work with entrepreneurs and businesses using mobile methods to improve lives and change the world.

We know timing matterz. We develop the strategic marketing and sales game plan to bring your offering to market with thoughtfulness, force and speed.

Differentiate & Deliver
We work to streamline your approach to customers and highlight your unique value. Through powerful Mobile Matterz technology, we help you to deliver on your brand promise.

Get Started

Are you ready to build the fastest most reliable, and customer friendly mobile network?

Do you want to further monetize your existing network and better serve your customers?

The way you Mobile Matterz

To learn more please contact us:
  1. Strategy: Kelly Berry
  2. Design: Shira Inbar
  3. Development: Jen Yuan